Transmission Media

A transmission media can be defined as anything that can carry information from a source to a destination
On the basis of transmission of data, the transmission media can be classified in to two categories: 

1) Guided (Physical) transmission media 
2) Unguided (Wireless) transmission media 

1) Guided Transmission Media:

Guided media are those that provide a channel from one device to another. 
The three Guided (Physical) media commonly used for data transmission are: 

1. Twisted-Pair 
2. Coaxial 
3. Fiber Optics 

2) Unguided (Wireless) transmission media:

Unguided media transport electromagnetic waves without using a physical conductor. This type of communication is often referred to as wireless communication.

1. Radio Transmission
2. Microwave Transmission
3. Infrared
4. Light wave Transmission

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