Promote your New Blog Post for Quick Traffic

Promote your New Blog Post for Quick Traffic

Your hours of hard work spent in crafting out a fantastic post is useless if there’s nobody to see it. Correct ain’t I?
Be it a new blog or an old one, every blogger needs traffic. Traffic will directly bring you conversions which ultimately makes your website profitable for you.
Today I am going to show 15 Websites that I use on a daily basis to get targeted visitors to my new blog posts.
1. Facebook Groups
Facebook is the largest social media platform to promote your posts. You may have shared your post on Facebook before, but you may not be following the correct strategy.
If you want to get targeted traffic using Facebook you need to figure out your target audience first. So if I am blogging under the Technology niche, I should be promoting my post in a group that focuses on Technology solely and not a Fitness or a Dating one.
Steps to follow while promoting a post on Facebook –
  • Make sure your post has  a catchy headline
  • Make sure you are targeting the right bunch of people
  • Try to make your profile prominent by helping others in the Group before sharing your article
  • Do not spam and get yourself banned :p

#2. Twitter

Twitter is another great place to promote your posts which many bloggers tend to ignore. There may be no groups system here as in Facebook, but with the right hashtags, you can do wonders with Twitter.
The best part is that it lets you reach out to big brands and influencers very easily present in your niche.
Steps to follow while promoting a post on Twitter –
  • Make sure you are sharing a quality content
  • Use the right hashtags
  • Promote your content several times a week. Try tweeting with and sometimes without images.

#3. Pinterest

Pinterest is the perfect social platform for promotion for image oriented blogs. If you run a fashion blog or a travel blog this platform can do wonders for you.

Pinterest is growing at a very fast rate, and people love it. The crowd on Pinterest is mostly female, but it is not a deal breaker for blogs targeting the male gender.

If you want to master the art of driving traffic using Pinterest, then you need check Melyssa Griffin’s blog. She is the author of a very popular course named as Pinfinite Growth which teaches people how to drive traffic from Pinterest.
Make sure you pin your images not only to your board but in others boards as well.

#4. ScoopIt 

ScoopIt is a content curation platform which lets you market your posts. The sad part is that if you want to use the advanced features then, you need to spend some bucks.

The free version is still quite usable to drive targetted visitors to your blog. As you would pin images to Pinterest, you need to pin posts here under a particular Topic.
The only tip for ScoopIt is that when you create a Topic don’t only add your posts but also add relevant posts from other blogs as well. It will help you generate more followers as you would do otherwise.

#5. Blog Engage

BlogEngage is a post aggregator site. The site lets users add your posts under different categories.
The website covers most of the topics. The only disappointing part is that you need to spend few bucks to use BlogEngage.
Despite the high price, it can be a great investment. Make sure you produce quality content. Quality Content Always Work.

#6. Google Plus

Google Plus is another big social media platform. According to a survey, Google Plus votes is the most valuable for higher rankings in Google. Thus Google Plus votes are precious for any blog.

Same as Facebook, Google Plus has many groups that you can easily join. You easily share your posts there. But make sure you find a niche Related Group.

#7. Triberr

Triberr is another great place to share your posts. It is a community site where marketer shares their posts and even make groups.
Similar to Reddit, the site has a upvote system. The more upvotes your post gets, the higher the visibility of your posts.
There are three sections under which shared post can be seen. These are namely Hot, New and Rising.
So if you write good posts relating to Marketing, then Triberr is the place to share your posts.

#8. Klinkk

Klinkk is another community website for marketers. The process of signing up and sharing your posts is dead simple.

You can directly join using the signup using Facebook and Twitter. The ranking system used here is similar to Triberr.
You can also add your website in your profile to get some extra traffic. Before sharing make sure your niche is relevant to the site.

#9. BizSugar

BizSugar is yet another community web site but with many categories. Some of the categories include Marketing, Finance and Technology.
You can share small tips and posts among the BizSugar users which include business owners and entrepreneurs.
You can easily create a free account and start sharing your posts.

#10. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a cool place to for discovering and sharing web sites under a particular topic. Sharing your websites here can help you get a lot of targetted visitors.
You can quickly add you posts to a particular category after creating a free account.

#11. AllTop

AllTop is one the best blog aggregator. You can consider it as an online magazine which aggregates posts under various categories.

You can find as many as 1000 categories on AllTop. The best part is that you can submit your blog for free. You just need more than ten blog posts on your blog to get approval.

#12. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most neglected social networking site. It can though be a goldmine for people writing about business and related topics.

You can easily connect with various influencers in your industry on LinkedIn. You can easily share your posts here too.
Before using LinkedIn make sure you complete your profile and join related groups on LinkedIn.

#13. Reddit

Reddit is also another excellent place to share your posts. Reddit can drive thousands of visitors each day if used properly.
Some point to note before sharing your posts on Reddit-
  • Make sure post under a relevant subreddit
  • Content should be great
  • Don’t post a link which has been shared before
  • Do not buy upvotes
  • Use infographics

#14. ViralContentBuzz

I’m in love with ViralContentBuzz. It is a website similar to the popular AddMeFast.
It is very simple to use.
Your content can be shared on different social networks like Pinterest and Twitter with the help of points.
Points can either be bought or can be earned by sharing others content. The best part is that you can make a free account and start promoting you content today. By far ViralContentBuzz is the best blog promotion network.

#15. SlideShare

Sharing your posts on SlideShare can be very effective way of promoting your blog and content. You can easily make slides using software like PowerPoint or OpenOffice.
The cool part of SlideShare is that because of high domain authority it can rank higher than big authority blogs. This way you can easily rank for higher competitive keywords which will provide you with the much-needed exposure.

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