Apps to Socialize

Apps to Socialize

Applications helping in socialization

The era of smartphones

The 21st century is all about the age of smartphones and their whole breathtaking world of applications. With each day as the demand and the supply of the leading smartphones in their respective operating systems are increasing, the growth of the apps has also witnessed a marked rise.

Socializing with the help of Apps

Socializing today has become important only because of these applications. Not just getting engaged and meeting up new people has become easier, but finding new places, happening spots, restaurants and a lot more has actually become quite like a layman’s issue. Some of the applications has actually made it possible to rule this social market, thus making the users of smartphones get glued with them. Herein is a brief gist of some of these leading socializing applications.

Instagram– Click, add effect and share! That’s about the true nature of Instagram. Initially released in 2010, with Android as it’s first platform, Instagram lets your photos and videos speak for your own life. The added features like filters, other editing options along with the access of sharing to many of the leading social networking sites including Facebook makes it a popular name among all the leading socializing applications.

Facebook- Like it or hate it, Facebook continues to provide a tough competition in the market of social apps. The reason why Facebook continues it’s success story is because the app can support most of the platforms, instead of just the smartphones. You can actually connect with your old friends or can add other new people in your life, only within a moment.

Linked In- Linked In is among those social apps that makes your professional life get social. Head-quartered in Mountain View and founded in 2003, Linked In has gained a great deal of prominence. From personalizing messages to giving recommendations, this platform has made “working” a social issue.

Line- Taking a step up against the other leading instant messaging platforms, Line is another app that is indeed a useful and an exciting one. The main feature that has helped Line to gain prominence is the call function and the availability of a complete range of stickers.

We Chat- Like Line, We Chat is another app that has been quite in vogue in the app market because of it’s ease of letting people to get socialized. Features like “shake”,“voice messages”, “stickers” along with many more make it a real must-have app.The added video call feature adds only to create more ease and convenience, thus creating a tough competition to the other apps providing similar features.

Staying closer is easy

These are in fact some of the basic names that rise up when we talk about socialization. Apart from these, there are many other names also which have become popular only because they have been industrious in helping people to become social, along with their added features. The main aim of these mobile applications has been only to bring people closer than they ever thought.

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