The Future of android

The Future of android

Android gets newer with Lollipop inheriting Kit Kat

The news is out. Google is all set to launch the latest version of Android. Earlier this week, 15th of October to be exact, Google has officially announced it’s latest Android 5.0 version that has been named as Lollipop. Originally named Android L at the Google I/O conference on June, Lollipop is expected to be out in the market in the next few weeks. For making the release a grand one, Mountain View of California will see a gigantic lollipop statue at Google Headquarter as a tribute to this latest Android version. Android 5.0 succeeds KitKat literally in all respects, from design to interface to security.

Design Inspirations

Lollipop bears certain similarity to Kit Kat, especially in the flatness but what is interesting is the addition of realism. There has been extensive use of layers and animation, thus making it even more dynamic. It is a visual treat for all developers and even laymen. Material Design and real time shadows have been used to add depth to interface and give life to your touch and voice. With its slick look and feel, smoother transitions and flashy appeal, Lollipop is one smart addition to the leagues of Android. “Bold, colorful and responsive UI design” is what Google has to say about their latest baby.

Issues regarding availability

Android 5.0 Lollipop will breathe life with Nexus 6 phablet and Nexus 9 tablet. In case you are thinking about the other leading mobile devices, the news is that the major mobile manufacturers have expressed interest. Motorola promises to upgrade Moto X – the Original and the 2nd Generation, Moto E, Moto G, Droid Ultra, Droid Mini and Droid Maxx. Officials at HTC confirm to upgrade by January 15th, 2015, which is just the 90 days after they received the source code from Google. The phones to be upgraded are HTC m8 and m7, and there is probability for HTC One Mini and One Mini 2. Sony, too, will upgrade majority of their phones to Lollipop, mainly those with Model number starting with Z, like XPeria Z3, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z1 range as well as Xperia Z. Upgradation is to be provided to their tabletstoo. Samsung S4 users can rejoice as they will receive the update in the following weeks to come. As regards to the other phones from Samsung, no official statement has so far been made. And about LG, silence still reigns.

Power Packed Features

Google has prioritized on battery life, notifications and security in Android 5.0. With Project Volta,Google has improvised battery life, creating a battery historian that will check usage and battery discharge. Thus users will be able to easily make out which of their app is draining most of the power.

Notification response has also been simplified. Now you can respond to and even dismiss notifications even in lock screen mode. Plus, notifications will not intrude into any of your activity as now they will pop up only at the top of screen. Convenience in security is ensured using Android Wear with your current location. There is Smart Lock to safeguard you from thieves. For a better security, a Malware protection has also been provided with SELinux on all apps. Indeed this Lollipop will definitely make you smarter.

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